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11.07.2007, 16:05
Hallo Vanguard Fangemeinde,

im Folgenden findet Ihr das neueste "Recruitment Post" unserer Gilde für Vanguard:SoH. Wir spielen auf Gelenia, einem der europäischen PvE Server. Momentan suchen wir noch einige deutsche Mitglieder, die sich gerne aktiv am Gildenleben beteiligen würden und Spaß daran haben, allerlei Feedback zu geben. Dies kann die Website oder auch Regelwerke der Gilde sowie Strukturen und Zukunftsplanung betreffen
Alles in Allem wollen wir versuchen, eine ausgeglichene europäische Gilde zu schaffen, in der möglichst viele nationale "Gruppen" vertreten sind, im Optimalfall gleichermaßen

Bitte habt Nachsicht, dass das ganze Post in Englisch ist. Jedoch ist das nun einmal die Sprache, die wir alle mehr oder weniger beherrschen. Deshalb sind Englischkenntnisse leider unabdingbar.

Greetings fellow European Vanguard players.

We would like to tell you a little bit about our guild ‘Dogma’ on the European server ‘Gelenia’ and also announce that we are once again recruiting. We are eagerly anticipating the growth in our server’s community from the announced merges and the inclusion of raid content and guild housing. With these in mind, we are increasing our roster to a point where we can experience them to the fullest.

We currently have around 30 - 40 active accounts in our guild with healthy numbers playing each weekday evening and at weekends (euro time). The guilds member base covers level ranges from the low 30s to 50 in the adventuring sphere, with the majority of our members in their high 40s. Our crafting side currently has tier 5 tailoring, mineralogy, carpentry, armor smithing and leather working covered but we are keen to get numbers in all of the archetypes. Whilst this population is fine for the existing grouping content, we're looking to expand a little, especially for future raiding so we can get to know each other before the first raids come in.

Our community was established as a guild that will exist and grow for years to come. The pre-release founding members have been together over the years through several games now, and started the seed of what was to become Dogma. We have also been fortunate to pick up quite a lot of very valuable new members, bringing more great personalities and they too have become our friends. Our whole community is aimed at being tight-knit group of friends, capable of having fun with the harder parts of the game and enjoying the soon to arrive so called "end game” content - experiencing everything Vanguard has to offer.

What we offer:

-- a healthy environment for adventurers working together on various quest lines such as the Rahz Inkur Helms or the Gorgalok Armor. Many of our members departed their 30s in full Wardship armor and have their Graystone and Nusibee weapons among the many lines covered.

-- a crafting point system to pool deconstruction items, harvesting resources, crystals, etc. and redistribute them as finished products

-- our own DKP system, independent from the Crafting Point System, in preparation of full scale raiding

-- a roadmap to creating our own guild City as soon as they become implemented, including purchasing land around the guildhall in advance

-- satellite guild HQs so you're never more than a click away from a riftway, on a seperate timer from your personal recall ability

-- a vibrant forum community that welcome participation and contribution from each member.

-- a mature and MMO-experienced attitude in general, towards the game and fellow players.

-- a base of core members that have been playing MMO's for years and know what it takes to make it a good gaming experience.

-- the promise of raiding as soon as there are targets.

We are offering you a chance of contributing to the shape of this guild with your opinions, your knowledge, your ideas and overall your creativity. If you are dedicated and if you want it there will be opportunities for more responsibilities and involvement. Help out with the crafting coordination, planning raids or gathering tactics, scheduling events and/or moderating them, there are virtually no limits. Everyone has a voice in the future of our guild.

What we ask for:

-- Experienced and dedicated MMO Gamers.

-- Commitment to the long term future of the game

-- Active members, keen to contribute regularly through our forums and channels.

-- A willingness to speak your mind

-- Participation in the guild

-- average playtime of 20+ hours per week, primarily during euro primetimes

How to join:

If you are interested in our community then please visit us through our forum, stroll around our public section and have a look at our knowledge base. Please read the articles related to recruiting and applying BEFORE you post your application in the proper section.

Feel free to contact us in game and hang out with us / group with us. If you decide to apply your application will be reviewed on the internal boards and our members might ask you questions in your application thread to get a better idea about your personality and game traits.
If your application is accepted you will be invited to dogma and will be given a 1 month trial period where you have the opportunity to experience dogma first hand and we have the opportunity the see if you fit into our community. Your trial period will be reviewed as well in an exclusive section on our boards. We will review any feedback and talk to you and our members. If we are impressed with you, your play style, or your attitude and you have proven to be a valuable player during your trial period, you will happily be invited to become a full member within our ranks. We obviously hope that you will be impressed to and will gladly accept.


We are aware that our recruitment process takes up quite some time. However we believe in the long run it saves you and us time by ensuring that we promote only players that fit within our concept. Keep in mind what we said earlier. We want this guild to be great because our members consider each other as friends rather than the required means to kill raid mobs.

Bottom line:

If you can relate to this post and if you like what you have read then please visit us at:


Have a look around and if you think it’s the place for you we would love to see your application.

Please feel free to send us a tell, get in touch with us, play along with us.

Helpful information

Recruitment wish list:

Sorcerer: Low
Necro: Low
Psi: High
Druid: Low
Warrior: Low
Pally: Low
Cleric: Low
Disciple: High
Shammy: Medium (pref: Hayatet / Rakuur)
Bloodmage: Medium
Ranger: High
Bard: Medium
Monk: High

Tailor: Low
Weaponsmith: High
Mineralogist: Medium
Cerpenter: Medium
Armorsmith: Low
Leatherworker: Low


In game send a tell to either:

Huffgood (or Marvello) - Recruitment
Mutiny (or Velvet) - Recruitment

URL: www.dogmaguild.eu

Thank you for your time and see you in Telon!

DOGMA - Been here from day 1!