Der auf der offiziellen Seite erschienene Artikel über das Grab von Lord Tsang gibt einen Einblick auf das, was einen tapferen Abenteurer dort erwarten wird.

    The Kojan continent is ripe with things for young adventurers to do. From your first steps on the sands of the Tanvu shores, you´re already learning the ways of the Lao´Jin Knight, harnessing the power of Jin in both battle and life.

    The Tomb of Lord Tsang is hidden within the north eastern hills of Kojan. Its stone walls were erected ages ago around a dense forest, and are still guarded by an army of defenders who keep an eye out and a blade ready for trespassers. If you´re in the 18-22 level range, and have an eerie urge to go tomb raiding for legendary treasure, then Tsang´s is a place you need to explore!

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