Zwar waren die meisten Informationen zu dem Update #4 bereits bekannt, aber dennoch möchten wir noch einmal auf die offiziellen Patchnotes für diese Aktualisierung hinweisen.

    Update 4 we have added the first two permanent flying mounts into Vanguard. Griffons and wyverns are now available for players to attain. Head to Southwatch to begin the griffon quest and to Ancient Port Warehouse for the wyvern.

    2. Riftway Revamp
    Also featured in Update 4 is a revamp to the riftway system. At level 10, once arriving at the first outpost after the newbie experience, the player will encounter the first riftway stone. These riftways are placed within all similarly leveled outposts, and are available immediately as options for travel. In addition, there will be a quest-giver at each riftway with ‘region introduction quests’, giving an overview of what content is to be found in each region as well as a delivery quest to visit a main quest giver in that region located near the riftway.

    Riftway locations are represented on the map. When moused over they will show an outpost name, region name, and level range. If the riftway is available to the player it will show up in color, and if not then it will be grey. When an available riftway location is clicked and the player has required cost, the player is teleported to that location.

    Riftways will be tiered and color coded by level range and each tier will have a different cost to travel. This will ensure that lower level players should always be able to afford to get to where they need to go while at the same time not trivializing the cost for higher level players.

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